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Northern Uganda Employment Project (Gulu Kitgum & Pader Districts) – Kitgum Valley dams Feasilibility and Evaluation Studies

Name of Client:  Catholic Relief Services (CRS) – Uganda Program

Narrative Description of Project: Preparation of feasibility and technical evaluation of Kitgum valley dams and infrastructure development in Northern Uganda. Goal: Helping to create an environment where peace and justice prevail by re-establishing the economic viability, restoring the natural resource base and promoting the development of civil society in Northern Uganda Region (Acholiland-Gulu, Kitgum and Pader Districts)

Description of Actual Services Provided by your Staff: The consultant carried out a comprehensive technical assessment and evaluation of the existing valley dams in Kitgum and Pader Districts and community earth roads (Farm-to-Market) in Gulu District. The required rehabilitation and improvement works were designed, documented and costed. The total costs for each project were apportioned to establish the value of labour materials and tools/equipment in parts for each of the selected projects.

Country: Uganda        Location Within Country: Gulu-Kitgum & Pader Districts, Northern Uganda

Start (month/year) May, 2000                        Completion(month/year)  June, 2001

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