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Northern Corridor Rehabilitation Programme: Phase III Lot 2: Webuye – Malaba (A104)Road Malaba River Bridge and Malakisi River Bridge

Name of Client: Ministry of Roads and Public Works, Kenya  (financed by EU)

Narrative description of Project:  Detailed engineering designs, Tender documents and Supervision of Construction, for 60 km of one of the most important Trunk Roads in Kenya, linking the port of Mombasa to Malaba at the border with Uganda.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment: Structural engineering, socio-economic evaluation and environmental impact assessment. Supervision of construction.

Country:   Kenya                   Location within country:  Bungoma and Teso districts, Western Province

Start date (month/year):  March  2011         Completion date (month/year):  December 2016

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