Runji Consulting Group

Meru Conservation Area Development Project

Name of Client: Kenya Wildlife Service

Narrative Description of Project: Amongst the large Meru Conservation Area Development Project is the Water Sub-Component.  The Sub-Component is involved with water supply projects for the  ommunities that live adjacent to Meru and Kora National Parks and the National Reserves of Mwingi and Bisanadi .It is also involved with supply of water to: The Headquarters of Meru and Kora National Parks, four (4) Park Gates, two (2) Bush Camps and a Patrol Base in Kora National Park

Description of Actual Services Provided by Your Staff: Preparation of Preliminary Engineering Studies, Drawing and Engineer’s Estimate, Final Engineering Design has commenced with Toposurvey of the various Sites.  Preparation of Bid Documents is to be completed by end of October 2004.  Construction works are planned to commence in early 2005. Design of 2no. water supply boreholes

Country: Kenya                      Location within Country: Meru North District in Eastern Province and Tana River District in Coast Province

Start Date:  December 2003                   Completion Date: September 2006

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