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Kenya Horticulture and Traditional Food Crops Development Project- Irrigation and water supply component – Nettie Dam for Floriculture Development, Karangaita Farm

Name of Client: International Federation of Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Narrative Description of Project:  Design of Nettie Dam for Floriculture development under the funding of IFAD for Karangaita Farm.

Description of Actual Services Provided by your Staff:

Final Design and tender documents of Nettie dam.  The dam supplies water for Floriculture development and has a 60,000m3 storage capacity.  Main elements in the final  design include (i) 8m high earth dam (ii) 3.5 Km open canal for irrigation water and (iii) 4Km , 90mm– 63mm diameter PVC for water supply.

Country: Kenya                      Project Location Within Country: Laikipia District, Nanyuki

Start (month/year) September 2001   Completion (month/year) May 2002

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