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Ena – Ishiara – Meru Road, Gaciciro River Bridge, Thangaiya River Bridge, Thuci River Bridge, Ruguti River Bridge, Mutonga River Bridge, Thirigithu River Bridge and Nangele River Bridge

Name of Client: Ministry of Roads

Narrative description of Project:  Preliminary and detailed engineering design of 113 kilometers rural road to bitumen standards. The design also includes sixteen bridges ranging in span from 15 – 75 meters and several culverts.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment: Surveying, highway and structural engineering, socio-economic evaluation and environmental impact assessment.

Country:   Kenya                   Location within country:  Mbeere and Meru Districts Eastern Province

Start date (month/year):  Jan 2003   Completion date (month/year):  Jan 2005

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