Runji Consulting Group

Consultancy Services for Carrying out Technical Compliance, Performance and Financial Audits for the EC Stabex Roads 2000 Projects Phase II in Eastern Province

Name of Client:  Kenya Roads Board.

Narrative description of Project: The main objective of the assignment is to independently verify,  through technical, performance and financial audits, that the Agencies and Sub-Agencies have applied the proceeds from the Roads Fund for the intended purposes,  and have used the resources in a transparent, efficient and sound professional manner, all in accordance with the requirements of the Kenya Roads Board.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment: Highway Technical and Performance audit of road maintenance works inclusive of the procurement  process and project management, Financial Audit of accounting practices for roads agencies.

Country:   Kenya                   Location within country:  Eastern Province

Start date (month/year):  September 2009               Completion date (month/year):  2013

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