Runji Consulting Group

Consultancy Services for Carrying out „Preparation of National Airports System Plan (for 10No. National Airports in Kenya)

Name of Client: Kenya Airports Authority.

Narrative description of Project:  The Consortium carried out the preliminary studies, traffic forecasting and facility assessment, development and evaluation of infrastructure proposals, preparation of the National Airport system plan for; Jomo Kenyatta Int. Airport, Moi Int. Airport, Wilson Airport, Eldoret Int. Airport, Kisumu Airport, Malindi airport, Lamu airport, Ukunda airport, Lokichoggio airport and Wajir airport.

Description of actual services provided by your staff within the assignment: Topographical Surveying, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Services,

Land use Planning, Economic and Financial services and Environmental Assessment.

Country:   Kenya                   Location within country:  Spread out within the Country.

Start date (month/year):  March 2008          Completion date (month/year):  May 2011

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