Runji & Partners has been offering professional engineering services for over three decades with a clear focus on client service excellence. It provides consultancy, design and management services in the fields of Transportation and Urban Infrastructure, Water Resources, Water and wastewater Engineering, Irrigation, Buildings and other Structures, Electrical and Mechanical Services, Oil and Gas, etc.

Broadly, the firm has carried out a variety of Services for Public Departments, private clients and international funding agencies, including:

  • Kenya Government Ministries
  • Government Corporations
  • Kenya Government Regional Development Authorities
  • Municipalities & Urban Authorities
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Public and private banks
  • Universities

Specifically, organizations such as:Clientele

Some of the projects that the firm has carried out have been financed by multilateral and/or bilateral funding agencies. The firm is registered with most of these lending financing agencies, including:

  • World Bank
  • African Development Bank
  • European Union (EU)
  • Danish International Development     Agency (DANIDA)
  • Swedish International Development Authority (SIDA)
  • KFW of Germany
  • AFD of France